Official 2022 guide for your trip to Paris

Every one of us dreamed to visit Paris once. His art, fashion, history and architecture, are some of the most important worldwide, making this place very special. The French capital is full of attractions to discover, food to try, people to chat with, and experiences that can change you in unexpected ways. We are happy to help you enjoy it, give you tips and advice, and make your trip to “The city of the lights” unforgettable!

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How much would it cost to store my luggage at Penn Station?

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Is there any difference between left luggage and luggage storage?

Left luggage and luggage storage are basically the same thing. Left luggage is mostly being used in the UK. Luggage storage is the most common name used internationally when referring to storing luggage. They are both defined by people’s need to store luggage that can be collected at a later time.

Safety in Paris: tips for a good travel experience

As for every big city, Paris as well as some problems with small criminality. Due to the massive amount of tourists every year (is one of the most visited cities in the world), scammers on the street are really common. Avoid street sellers of bracelets or flowers, and if you want to take some souvenirs to bring with you, ask the price first. Another common situation is pickpocketing, which happened especially with tourists. This could really affect your trip in a bad way, so keep attention to your wallet in a crowded place, and if you have items like laptops, bags with precious or similar, is really better to leave it to LuggageHero, they will store them in a safe place, and you will be more relaxed while walking around the city.

Paris is generally safe, there are plenty of police stations and the locals will be glad to help you in difficult situations, don’t be scared to visit it, just use the right precautions!

Paris: History, city and famous artists

Paris is a 2.000 years old city. It has two million habitants, distributed over more than 100 km. There are plenty of attractions: from the most famous, such as the Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse or Notre Dame, to some incredible museums, like Louvre or Musee D’Orsay

The city is on the river Seine, and walking the banks during the night, or taking a cruise, is an incredible experience. Parks, high-quality restaurants and shops are everywhere, and if you travel with your family, visiting Disneyland Paris will be a fantastic idea. If you are brave enough, you can visit the catacombs of Paris, a full-immersive experience in a city that once was Paris, with findings of the ancient French civilisations.

Gare du Nord

The perfect place to start your visit is La Gare du Nord. This is the biggest train station in Paris, with thousand of trains every day, information points and maps of the city. You will find here everything you need to plan your trip, know how to move around the city, ask for help or spot the main attractions you want to see.

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Located in the south area of Paris, this is the part of the city where all the famous artists loved to spend their time, talk and create masterpieces that will remain in history. From Picasso to Hugo, Hemingway and Duchamp, some of the most significant artistic currents were born here.

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There are not enough words for speak about the Louvre. Is one of the most important museums in the world, showing artworks and findings through 11.000 years of human history and civilizations. If you are a museum, art, or history lover, there is no better place for you, and we suggest spending an entire day of your trip here, to see all the major exibitions.

There are several rules on bags in the Louvre, then is better to leave your weights at LuggageHero Louvre before entering!

Curiosities about Paris